Factory Tours FAQ

There is no admission fee, but there is a fee for the factory tour. (Over 20 years old, 500 yen per person)

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    The Kirin Gogo-no-Kocha tour at Kirin Beverage Shonan Factory and Shiga Factory is free.

Yes. You can tour the plant on weekends.However, the manufacturing lines may not be operating.Check the calendar on the booking page for each plant for closure days.

Please book online. Bookings are accepted from the 1st day of the month prior to the tour (or the next business day if the factory is closed).

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    Exceptions may apply depending on the tour.
  • Brewery: Beer, non-alcohol beer-taste beverage , or soft drink
  • Beverage Shonan Plant: Soft drink
  • Mt. FUJI DISTILLERY: Whisky or soft drink

Yes, visitors with children are welcome.

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    Please wear a mask for everyone. (except for children under 2 years old)
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    For safety reasons, only junior high school students and younger are allowed to visit Kirin Beverage factories. Also, at the breweries and Mt. FUJI DISTILLERY, only visitors under 20 years old are allowed to visit.
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    There is also a tour for adults only.
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    Soft drinks are available for those under 20 years old.

Yes. You can use the shop only. (Except Kirin Beverage Shonan Plant) Please note that you will not be able to taste any products.