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Products and Services

Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd., Mercian Corp, Kirin Beverage Co., Ltd., and Kirin Co., Ltd. have joined forces to pursue the shared vision of creating a new beverage culture side by side with our consumers and fostering well-being and prosperity among people and societies. The four companies are involved in an integrated beverage business-which includes manufacturing and marketing alcohol and non-alcohol beverages-in Japan.

Our pursuit of co-creating new value with consumers and societies starts with paying attention to what they are looking for and continues by providing products and services that appeal to their diverse lifestyles and values. We are also proudly committed to offering beverage products that meet the highest standards in safety and quality that consumers have come to expect from us.

Japanese Alcohol Beverages

Our line of alcohol beverage products comprises beer, low-malt beer, non-malt beer, wine, chu-hi, shochu, and whiskey-all of which offer consumers new ways of enjoying great-tasting alcohol beverages in a variety of lifestyle scenes.

Our wide lineup of beers includes Kirin Ichiban Shibori, made with an all-malt formula and the first-press brewing process to deliver a smooth, clean, and full-bodied beer taste; Kirin Lager Beer, recognized as one of the most popular beers in Japan for more than 120 years; Kirin Tanrei Green Label, with its carbohydrate content reduced by 70% to achieve a refreshingly light taste; and Kirin Nodogoshi Nama, which embodies a crisp and full-bodied taste. With all these beer products and Kirin Chu-hi Hyoketsu, a market-leading ready-to-drink (RTD) chu-hi since its introduction in 2001, we offer something for every customer. In addition, we continue to create excitement in the market by bringing out products with new value propositions.

We manufacture and market Chateau Mercian, one of the most widely recognized brands of Japanese wine, and import fine wines from around the world, such as Casillero del Diablo from Chile.
We also offer a wide variety of affordable but great tasting wines that consumers enjoy with their meals every day, including Mercian with No Antioxidants Added and Mercian Every, both made in Japan; Frontera and Sunrise, imported from Concha y Toro, a leading wine company in Chile; and Franzia, imported from California. In addition, we encourage consumers to discover exciting new ways of enjoying wine and to try combinations of food and wine they have not tried before.

Japanese Soft drinks

Our lineup of non-alcohol beverage products boast many market-leading brands, including Kirin Gogo-no-Kocha, the top brand in the Japanese RTD black tea market since its introduction in 1986; Kirin Fire, a canned coffee drink made from coffee beans roasted over direct heat to bring out the full aroma of coffee; Kirin Nama-cha, a green tea carefully extracted at low temperature from tea leaves, added with finely ground high-grade kabuse-cha; Kirin Alkali Ion Water, ionized natural alkaline water originating from an underground source by Mount Fuji; and Volvic, natural mineral water imported from France. In addition, we create and offer consumers new value propositions by bringing out Kirin Mets Cola, the industry's first cola drink designated as food for specified health use and by marketing beverages and soups in the World's Kitchen series, inspired by tips and recipes of homemade cooking that homemakers around the world create and keep.


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