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Message from Top Management

Creating a new beverage culture side by side with our consumers and fostering well-being and prosperity among people and societies

Isozaki Yoshinori President and CEO Kirin Company,Limited

Since our establishment in 1907, Kirin has continually risen to the challenge of creating a variety of new value propositions, always placing its consumers and quality first. By applying inventive ideas and innovations to all kinds of beverages, including beer, wine and tea, we consistently enrich the quality of our consumers' lives. This has always been, and will continue to be, our mission.

In 2013, we established a new company called Kirin Company, Limited, which assumed the leadership of our Integrated Beverages Business in Japan. Under Kirin Company, we merged parts of Kirin Brewery, Kirin Beverage and Mercian, allowing them to work closely together as one company, using "Brand-Centered Management" to create new value regardless of product categories and businesses. Kirin is deeply committed to its brand promise to consumers: We revolutionize the inherent strengths of beverages, we deliver new refreshment daily around the world. We provide products and services that color our consumers' lives with delight and surprise. With our superb craftsmanship delivering great taste and our unique value propositions framing precious moments for our consumers, we hope to spread joy and smiles to people and help the world to become a better place. Kirin will spare no effort to fulfill its brand promise and to be a trusted company favored by consumers.

It is also a priority for us to operate our business in harmony with our communities and the environment. We have led many initiatives in the fields of youth development, recovery of the Tohoku region, forest conservation and CO2 reduction. Through such experiences, we have moved on from the conventional thinking of CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility, and we have truly learned the importance of CSV or Creating Shared Value, the concept which aims to help solve social issues while at the same time promoting corporate growth. Consumers have never been more concerned about social problems than they are today, and we have felt more strongly in recent years that consumers expect us to also do our part to help solve social problems. By meeting such expectations through our products and services, we believe we can drive our business growth. Kirin Company is committed to a sustained effort to bring the concept of CSV to its business, leveraging the various strengths that Kirin has gained over time. We appreciate your continued support as we begin this exciting new journey.

Isozaki Yoshinori President and CEO Kirin Company,Limited


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